Lines of Work

Our lines of work are divided into 3 main thematic areas: (1) Legal defense of ecosystems with high conservation value; (2) Conservation and ecological restoration, and; (3) Cultural transformation from a transdisciplinary perspective:

Vision y Mission

Vision: Contribute to the creation of environmentally friendly socio-economic systems, limiting the scale and quality of the use of resources to prevent their overexploitation and the overloading of their ecosystems, also contributing to the well-being and health of people.

Mission: Defend and protect high conservation value ecosystems, and contribute to the preservation and ecological restoration of biodiversity.

Fundación Geute Conservación Sur, as a local Puerto Varas organization, makes its experience and knowledge available to contribute to decisions that will lead to the city we dream of, a city that is respectful of its identity and culture, has public spaces, lives in harmony with the landscape and cares for the privileged environment in which it is located. A city with a wonderful quality of life for its inhabitants and for all those who visit it. We invite you to participate in Proyecto Puerto Varas sending an email to or reviewing our publications here.


Geute Conservación Sur works across Chile in the areas of legal defense of ecosystems, conservation and restauration. You can read about our work in each region by following the links below, which highlight our most visible thematic projects to date.

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