With the advice from former Senator Pablo Longueira, more hydroelectric mega projects are being promoted for the Aysén Region

Although the hydroelectric project of  Colbún and Enel (ex Endesa), known as HidroAysén is practically buried, a new initiative of similar scope and complexity has begun to take shape in the area.


Con asesoría de Pablo Longueira, promueven megaproyecto eléctrico en Aysén

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Sacrifice areas: Affected communities gathered in National Conclave

The rejection of the extractivist development model of natural resources and the presence and construction of thermoelectric plants throughout the country were the main demands of the communities gathered in the “Zones de Sacrificio en Resistencia” Conclave, in which social organizations, NGOs, Environmental leaders, academics and municipal authorities from various localities affected by socio-environmental conflicts in the country.

From the meeting came an official statement, which was signed by the hundred participants and the organizations they represent, at an event held between 11 and 13 November at the Las Ventanas Fishermen’s Union, located in Puchuncaví, Valparaíso.

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Authorities say they have no history of possible second hydroelectric in Puelo river

After knowing that two hydroelectric plants could be installed in Cochamó, if the request for water rights of the Puelo basin is accepted, the Ministry of Energy stated that it has no history of this.

The company published in the Official Gazette the request for water rights, after Endesa renounced these.

The energy sergeant, Miguel Garcia, said he does not have a specific history of a possible second hydroelectric plant in Puelo.

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