VIAmbiental Program 2016 (Visión Interdisciplinaria Ambiental – Interdisciplinary Environmental Approach)

Cultural Transformation from a Transdisciplinary Perspective

The idea of transformation suggests ‘evolution,’ and that is precisely what is involved in this area of our work. Our objective is to create the conditions for providing a space for training, discussion and creation of networks between those interested in building an environmentally friendly society based on cooperation, with a long-term approach of generating knowledge, jointly constructing a common outlook that will enable multiplying the benefits that come with knowledge.

Geute is currently implementing a training program called VIA (Visión Interdisciplinaria Ambiental – Interdisciplinary Environmental Approach) that brings together environmental organizations and local leaders that already have training in matters related to socio-environmental issues, who work for the protection and conservation of nature. Although the experience is shared by the participants, the goal is to provide tools in the following areas: a) Philosophical Thought and History of Environmental Movements; b) Environment and Health; c) Environment and Media; d) Environment and Political News; e) Environment and Institutionality (mainly legislative and judicial). In addition, some material is incorporated that allows the improvement of skills, such as: basic knowledge of accounting, fundraising, etc. It is also invited people who have developed interesting proposals in the above mentioned subjects and that are inspiring for the work of the assistants.