Río Futaleufú, X Region, Patagonia.

The objective is to contribute to the protection of watersheds with unique landscapes, biodiversity and ecosystems, due to their pristine nature or vulnerability, and which are threatened by mega hydroelectric generation projects that make it impossible for them to maintain their structure and functionality, eventually entailing a significant loss of ecosystemic services.

In this regard, the Foundation’s work is reflected in several territorial disputes, such as the Puelo sin Torres, Ñuble Libre and the No Alto Maipo campaigns, the protection of the Cuervo River, and in more specific cases, the defense of the Futaleufú River, and Rio Maullín Libre.

It is also worth mentioning the Foundation’s involvement in the Wild and Scenic River System (WSRS) program, which aims to create legal and public policy tools for the protection of rivers. This project began to take shape, internationally, with the American organization International Rivers, with the support of Fundación Brasileña CASA, and within Chile, with the NGO Ecosistemas. The objective is to promote the creation of legislation comparable to the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, currently in force in the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, with their respective differences, considering their socio-cultural context. This law requires the protection of the natural, scenic, cultural, and recreational assets of watercourses.

Thus, in 2015 and 2016 Geute conducted an initial review of the national legislation related to water and environmental matters, for the purpose of identifying legal opportunities for the implementation of the aforementioned legislation.